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Increasing Globalization of Clinical Trials and the Role of CROs: How Professional Translators Can Meet the Challenges of the Changing Environment

日本における臨床試験の進歩はめざましい。治験の国際化もその一つで、国内治験の20%以上を国際共同治験が占め、PMDAおよび企業双方の努力により、ドラッグラグ(日本での発売が遅れる)も解消しつつある。医薬品、医療機器の開発を受託・遂行するCRO(Contract Research Organization:医薬品開発業務受託機関)は、この国際化に対応できなければもはや成長はない。つまり海外のクライアントニーズへの対応、溢れる英語文書への対応が急務である。シミック株式会社はこの変化する環境に対応すべく国際化を図っているが、まだまだ対応しきれない問題も抱えている。そのギャップを埋めるのが正に翻訳のプロである。


Clinical trials in Japan have made remarkable advances, one of which is their increasing internationalization. Global clinical trials now account for more than 20 percent of those conducted in Japan. The endeavors of both industry and the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency have borne fruit, with steady resolution of the drug lag issue (the delay in approving drugs for marketing in Japan). As key players in the contract development of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, contract research organizations (CROs) will not prosper unless they embrace this wave of internationalization. Addressing the needs of global clients and dealing with English-laden documents are pressing issues. CMIC is meeting the challenge of internationalization to cope with this changing environment, but a number of concerns remain. Translation professionals can help address those concerns.

How will the environment change in the future? How can professional translators cope with these coming changes? In my presentation, I will discuss expected customer needs from the standpoint of CROs, which work cooperatively on a routine basis with diverse clientele.

講師:棚瀬 敦

シミック株式会社・執行役員 コンサルティング事業本部本部長。Medical Writing Departmentを含む医薬品の開発戦略・薬事コンサルに従事。1957年名古屋生まれ。

1983年藤沢薬品工業(現 アステラス製薬)開発本部に入社。計6年間の米国、ドイツ赴任を含め医薬品のGlobal開発に従事。2005年よりアストラゼネカ株式会社(大阪)にて製品開発リーダーの所属する部門を統括。約30年間に亘る医薬品開発の経験を以って、2012年12月シミック株式会社に入社。現在に至る。

Presenter: Atsushi Tanase, Corporate Officer and General Manager, Consulting Division, CMIC Co., Ltd.

Born in Nagoya in 1957. Entered the Development Division of Fujisawa Pharmaceutical (now Astellas Pharma Inc.) in 1983. Involved in global development of the company’s pharmaceutical products, with six years based overseas in the United States and Germany. Became leader of product development at AstraZeneca K. K. (Osaka) in 2005. Joined CMIC Co., Ltd. in December 2012.

In his current role at CMIC, Atsushi Tanase uses his 30 years of experience in pharmaceutical development to consult with clients on development strategy and regulatory affairs for new drugs, as well as leading the company’s Medical Writing Department.

■セミナー (※日本語で行います)

日時:2013年11月30日(土)14:00~17:00 (開場 13:30)




会費:JAT会員・・・2,500円 / 非会員・・・3,500円

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■Seminar (*in Japanese)

Time: 14:00–17:00 Saturday, November 30, 2013 (Doors open: 13:30)

Venue: TKP Osaka Umeda Business Center

Conference Room 9A

Capacity: 90

Cost: JAT members 2,500 JPY, Non-members 3,500 JPY

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■交流会/Networking Dinner







JAT and SWET Kansai will hold a bonenkai-style networking dinner after the Pre-event.

Time: 18:00-21:00 Saturday, November 30, 2013

Location: Satoyama Dining, 17F, Hankyu 17-bangai bldg, Umeda, Osaka

Cost: 3,980 JPY (all-you-can buffet, all-you-can drink)

RSVP* to kat[at]jat.org by Thursday, November 28, 2013

*This is a separate event from the seminar and requires separate registration.



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